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  • How can I get a new Back-up CD/DVD?

    • 2Checkout will reship a Back-up CD or DVD for free in the following cases:

      • The CD-R or DVD-R arrived broken or unusable;
      • Even though you have provided the correct delivery address, you still haven’t received your order within the number of business days allowed for your region (see the list below)

      Expected shipping times from the time the order was shipped by 2Checkout:

      • USA: 7 business days
      • Europe: 9 business days
      • Rest of the world: 21 business days

      For other types of inquiries, a re-delivery fee may be applied.

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Why does 2Checkout appear on my credit card statement?
This section allows you to track one of your transactions, made through 2Checkout System (2CO) and receive its details.
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